Microwave eggless banana chocolate cake

Microwave eggless banana chocolate cake


2 Tropical cups wheat flour

2 table spoon baking powder + half tea spoon baking soda

3 tea spoon cocoa powder

1 Tropical cup sugar

Half a Tropical cup oil (any refined oil)

Half tea spoon salt

Condensed milk half a tin

3 ripe bananas of bigger variety, which can be mashed easily

A little warm milk

Half a Tropical cup of small pieces of cashewnuts


1. Sift slowly the first three items i.e. flour, soda and cocoa powder 2-3 times

2. Mix the sugar and oil well with a little salt till the sugar starts melting. Add this to the sifted flour

3. Mash bananas very finely, add half a tin of condensed milk, mix well. Add this to above mixture. Add cashew pieces and stir well. Add little warm milk and blend well so that you can pour it in a bowl to be put in the microwave oven.

4. Grease bowl with oil, and dust it with flour, before pouring cake mix.

5. Put it in the Microwave oven  in Multicook on a rack for 8 minutes. Five minutes to cool off. Take it out and cool it well to cut it into pieces.


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