Organize your Tupperware

Five steps to organized Tupperware

One of the best parts of holiday parties and dinners is the leftovers, but storing them can be a real pain. Who doesn’t have a bunch of mismatched and disorganized Tupperware containers piled up inside a kitchen cupboard?  

Resist the urge to break out the Ziploc bags and other throwaway options, which can cost a fortune and aren’t so great for the planet.

Step one: Take an inventory of your Tupperware

You probably have too many Tupperware  food storage containers. Pull all your food storage containers,out of your cupboards and onto a surface where you can see everything that you have. Match lids with containers.

Step two: Only keep what is useful and you have room to store

Keep complete sets — containers that have lids that fit. Get rid of stray lids and containers, anything you don’t use, and what you don’t have room to store.

What should you do with the castaways?  see if there are nearby recycling options.

Step three: Organize what you’re going to keep by shape and size

Sort by shape first, then by size.I prefer square and rectangles because they stack well and use the entire space that is available. Rounds can take up more space than you have . Regardless of what shape you have, stack smaller containers into larger ones that are of the same shape.

When buying new food storage containers, I suggest choosing sets because they nest and stack well together. They also sometimes share the same size lids. Choose safe plastics Like Tupperware for storing food and beverages, and let food cool before storing.

Step four: Store lids with containers they go with

Stack all your square lids together and place them in front of your square containers on the shelf. Do this for rectangle and round containers as well. If you’re storing Tupperware in a drawer, you might want to use a lid organizer By Tupperware and store lids upright. Some people prefer this method for cabinets too.

Step five: Maintain your system

The real key is staying true to whatever system you come up with. Once you have organized your Tupperware, take the few extra seconds to put it away properly. Resist the urge to just throw it all in a cabinet or drawer.

If you have a choice between storing your Tupperware in a drawer or a cabinet, I suggest a cabinet or shelf because the temptation is strong to just throw everything into a drawer.

(Adapted from an article by Lori Bongiorno)


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