Gobhi ( Cauliflower ) paratha stuffing

Anubha's Kitchen Ultimo

Anubha’s Kitchen Ultimo

The Smart Chopper by Tupperware is my great kitchen mate.

Since the time I have bought it ,it has made my cooking a breeze…

Here is a recipe for my gobhi parathaa filling.  Similarly one can make carrot,beetroot,raddish or aloo parathas.

Since cutting onions and coriander  becomes so easy and quick you feel like making all kinds of dishes which need this fine chopping not grinding or grating.

Here in  this recipe I have chopped

1.onion 1 pc

2.ginger and garlic together 1 tsp

3.small cauliflower (gobhi) 1

4.coriander 1 small bunch

5.paneer 50 gms (optional ) I sneek in some paneer always for that calcium element ,taste and texture. It is easy to roll parathas with paneer in the mix 🙂

Grind in this order. lovely aroma and texture.

It made great parathas. Pic will follow soon.

Make it one day and use it the entire week anytime ,by storing in your Store It All small.

Enjoy !

gobhi paratha mix Anubha's Kitchen


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