Basale Soppu with coconut curry




To be very frank I had no idea what these greens were ?

When I bought them they were fresh and plump….looked so nice so just bought.

My friends helped me know what it was and how to cook….

Veda suggested

Put grated fresh coconut
Soaked chana dale
Chopped onion and garlic
Put this chopped saag
Little water and cook
U can also add little besan or baarik sooji
U can also make Sambhar

and Shubha suggested……
Easy way: give tadka with mustard, udad, methi seeds, red chilli, curry leaves, hing, add chopped onions.. Saute a bit, add basale leaves chopped, saute.. Add salt. Tomatoes.. Bit tamarind if u wish and add dal..boil😀 Ta..DA…Basale dal ready

They are so nice no ! Love you girls ❤

Sushma came and showed me exactly how to go about it …so this is basically Sushma’s recipe …..Thank you so much girl 🙂

Ok so we need

Kottambari  ( dhania )seeds, 1 tbsp

jeera seeds 1/4 tsp

kadi patte(4),

bydagi red chilli, 4

hing a pinch

3-4 seeds of Methi

fry it with coconut oil.

masala fried for grinding

masala fried for grinding



For grinding this fried masala you need

tamarind 1 tsp

& coconut 1 /2 cup

Tamarind and coconut

Uff the lovely colour …..its becoz of our spl kannada Bydagi Chillies 🙂

Clean, Cut and boil soppu in little water and salt.

Add the ground masala with little water. add some more salt to taste.

For baghara you need

Garlic 4 pods crushed

mustard seeds 1/2 tsp

coconut oil little

Crushed Garlic and mustard in coconut oil

Crushed Garlic and mustard in coconut oil

saag curry

So yumm with Rice and ghee……enjoy madi 🙂


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