Chocolate Brownie Cake

Tastes like brownie and feels like cake soft and spongy …. Recipe was taken from youtube channel of Nestle Milkmaid.

It is easy to make though I was expecting chewy brownie 😦 which I did not get….

125 gm Maida ,1 tsp baking powder and 50 gms cocoa powder has to be mixed and sifted together 3 times to combine.

125 gms butter and 75 gms sugar powder to be beaten till soft and fluffy.

Add 2 eggs one by one and then 1/2 tin condensed milk.(200 gms )

To this mix I folded maida slowly and gradually 3 tbsp at a time alternating with milk. 1/2 cup room tempreture milk will be required.

I added 1/4 cup cashew and 1/4 cup walnuts to this.

Baked the cake at 180 C for 30 min.





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