Brownies :)

Brownies anubha's kitchen

Brownies anubha’s kitchen


  • Eggs                 `3
  • Cooking Butter   185 gm
  • Vanilla essence  1 teaspoons 
  • Flour (Maida)      125 gm
  • Dark chocolate    180 gm
  • Salt                      1/2 teaspoon
  • Caster Sugar        250 gm
  • Walnut chopped   150 gm


  • Melt together Butter and Chocolate
  • In a separate Bowl (2) beat eggs and sugar
  • Mix Vanilla Essence (bowl 2) 
  •  Mix flour and salt together *Remember no baking powder or soda needed in this recipe
  • The butter chocolate mixture (bowl 1) which should have cooled down by now we should now mix the egg sugar vanilla concoction (bowl 2)
  • Now mix the flour only as much as it needs to be mixed. No need to beat it TOO much.
  • Add walnuts in this.
  • In a lined square or rectangle pan bake the brownie mix for 30 to 40 mins till the knife dipped in the mix comes out clean….
  • Top would be light chocolate colour and dried whereas the middle will look Dark and gooey 🙂

With this you are done and can enjoy your treat 😀

Also special thanx to Vanita for this wonderful recipe ❤

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