Granola Bars


2 cups Oats

1 cup deseeded ,chopped and grinded dates.

Apricots cut in small pcs, Raisins washed and dried , cashew nuts,walnuts,almond roasted and chopped.

Honey half cup

butter 1/4 of our 100 gm Amul Butter

I roasted Oats first in Kadai as there was no current and i had an itch to make them immediately .Roasted till i could smell the nutty flavour it gives.

After taking them out ,i roasted nuts and lastly I roasted my washed raisins .After the roasting job was over I put honey and dates with the butter. switched off the flame as soon as butter melted and i got a gooey mix.This mix acts as sweetner and glue to keep nuts and oats together.

Mix thoroughly and in a lined baking tray bake for 20 min at 170 C.

Take care to press the mix tightly else it wont come out as bars.



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