Rasgullas :Chhena Balls in Syrup

image1 Litre milk curdled using whey from hung curd . Yes i am getting better at improvising. Left the chhena for draining iwrapped n a cheese cloth and put in a seive with one ltr bottle filled with water on top of it as weight . After 3-4 hrs that what i get ….Above pic shows the chhenna texture i got .I mashed it on the kitchen counter for 5-7 min and got the desired smoothness. ( I used Nandini blue packet milk and after a boil added whey till the milk curdled. Strained it in the cheese cloth and ran some water over it to cool it down ). Made balls with the mashed chhena . Small and smooth.

imageIn a large vessel I put 6 cups of water and i cup of sugar. When the sypup started boiling i put my chhena balls in the hot syrup one by one. My vessel was large enough to hold all 15 balls i had made.

imageThe Chhena balls puffed up as you can see in the pic. I added some crushed cardamom in it too. Its a better idea to add fine cardamom powder but mine was spoilt when i opened it . 😦 Had not used it since long . Bad idea to keep it out. should have stored it in the freezer :((

Timed it to 15 min of cooking in light sugar syrup. Then did fresh water test . Yes the balls were done as they sat in the water and not float when put in fresh room temp water. Took them all out in a big vessel filled with water. Not on a plate as they may loose shape.

Added 1/2 cup sugar in the light sugar syrup and boiled for sometime . around 10-12 min. On high flame. I had used a lot of water so wanted to reduce some and also add sugar to the syrup. Cooled the syrup for 1 hr and added the balls to the syrup after squeezing water out of them.

The result was awesome and tasty. Do try it. Rasmalai trial next 🙂

Thanx to…..Recipe from Spusht and Cafegarima


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