Airfryer Bhindi

Bought a Airfryer recently .

Trying all sorts of recipes. This bhindi was on the menu for dinner.I had tried making store bought frozen french fries so got this idea to cook bhindi in Airfryer .  Took …

Bhindi :250 gms, salt , chillipowder , amchur powder , dhania powder,turmeric  powder , besan around 2 tsp and rice powder 1 tsp.

Chop the top and bottom of bhindi and cut it into 4 . If the bhindi is too long do cut in half first. Mix all together. I did not use any oil but if you want you can use 1 tsp oil in the marination .

Preheat the Airfryer for 3 min at 180 C. Put bhindi in the seive and cook for 10 min. Then lower the temp at 160 and shake the bhindis . Cook for around 7-10 min till desired texture and crispness is acheived . Take care to shake bhindis at least thrice in this time frame .

Enjoy it with rice and toor daal or sambar . 


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