Candied Orange Peel

Read so many recipes for this but at the end found a very easy way to do it . 

Its said that to find an easy way to do something give the task to a lazy person 😝

One Malta orange . Peel with the help of knife . Boil peels in water and throw away water after 2 min boil . Repeat the process. I did not take out or off the white bitter underskin. For 1 orange peel i added 4 tbsp sugar and 1/2 cup water. Put them to boil in the same pan on low heat. For 20 min or till the water is totally reduced and all orange is coated with syrup . Cool and coat with powdered or granulated sugar . The picture here shows lesser than that i made as my kids and hubby kept picking them and gulping down . 

My hubby suggested that kala namak if added here will taste very nice . So next time will carry out that experiment with yumm …..  


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